Collaborative interactive whiteboard for multiple iPads and Chromebooks

Smoothboard Air

Get started in less than a minute!

  1. Download, Install and Run
  2. Scan QR Code or Enter IP Address on any mobile device such as an iPad or Android Tablet
  3. Start Annotating!

Smoothboard Air  Free Download
Free Download!
Version 1.3.4 (Windows 8/10, Windows 7)

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annotate anywhere

Annotate on any application on the desktop from a tablet wirelessly.

Flip Chart toggle for a multipage drawing area.


Control PowerPoint Presentations

Quickly switch slides in PowerPoint with the tablet.

Annotations are attached to each slide and can be saved into the PowerPoint file.


Collaborate with multiple tablets

Use one or more tablets for collaboration in classrooms or meetings.

Allow access to any participant with an iPad or Android tablet

Instant Access

Use any HTML5 browser on mobile devices

No apps required on the mobile device.

Access directly via Safari on the iPad or a HTML5 web browser on other tablets within the same network

Smoothboard Air is a collaborative interactive whiteboard software for iPads and Android tablets for interactive classrooms.