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Smoothboard Air Delivers a Collaborative Platform for iPads and Android Tablets to Classrooms and Meeting Rooms
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Smoothboard Air is a collaborative whiteboard for iPads and Android tablets
2012-09-26, e27
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Smoothboard Air: Mirrored Display to Multiple Mobile Devices in the Classroom
2012-09-18, Tech in Asia
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Company & Product Description

Company Description

Founded in 2009, Smoothboard Tech is a Singapore-based startup with the vision to transform interactions in classrooms and meeting rooms. Smoothboard Tech has more than 100 000 downloads from users across the globe for the Smoothboard 2 and Smoothboard for Mac software which turn screen displays into interactive whiteboards.

Product Description

Smoothboard Air

Smoothboard Air instantly transforms multiple iPads and Android tablets into interactive whiteboard surfaces. With the use of a QR Code projected on the screen, participants within the room may scan and access the screen from their mobile device without any app installation, which is made possible with HTML5 web browsers.

Key Features:

  •     Connect instantly with QR Code – No app installation required
  •     Annotate – Draw on any desktop application
  •     Remote Control – Control the computer’s cursor and keyboard wirelessly
  •     Collaborate – Real-time collaboration with multiple mobile devices
  •     Access Control Panel – Limit individual participant’s access



Scan QR Code to mirror display - Works with HTML5 Web browsers

Scan QR Code to mirror the screen – Works with HTML5 Web browsers

Turn an iPad into an Interactive Whiteboard

Turn an iPad into an Interactive Whiteboard – Annotate and control the computer

Access Control Panel - Configure access for each participant

Access Control Panel – Configure access for each participant


Connect with multiple mobile devices

Connect multiple mobile devices such as iPads, Android tablets and laptops


Here is the hi-res Smoothboard Air logo that you may use.

Smoothboard Air Logo