What is Smoothboard Air?

Software which allows you to annotate wirelessly from a tablet into a computer

Supports collaboration with two or more tablets

Works with any mobile device that has a HTML5 browser such as

  • iPad
  • Android Tablets
  • Laptops
No apps required!

Instant Access

Connect with one or more tablets without any app installation

  1. Click on Display IP on the Smoothboard Air software
  2. Scan QR Code with a QR Code reader (or enter IP Address into the tablet’s web browser)
  3. Done!


Draw or write on any application on the computer from the tablet. You can type in text too!

Flip Chart feature for a multi-page drawing area with Grid, Lined and Plain Papers


Quickly switch slides in PowerPoint with the tablet wirelessly

Annotate directly on a PowerPoint slideshow
Annotations are attached to each slide and can be saved into a PowerPoint file


Control the computer’s cursor and keyboard directly from your tablet
Cursor and Touchpad modes available

Scroll quickly through long documents by dragging the scroll area
Tap to trigger the up and down keys


Use two or more tablets for collaboration in a classroom or meeting room
Allow access to any participant with a tablet such as an iPad, Android Tablet or Windows Tablet

Access Control Panel to configure access for Annotation and Remote Control features for individual devices.

User Interface

How about Smoothboard Air with Duo?

Smoothboard Air with Duo is built on the successful Wiimote Whiteboard software, Smoothboard 2

It turns any flat screen surface into an interactive whiteboard with just an IR Pen and Wii Remote

Allows interaction from 2 users with 2 IR Pens simultaneously

Click here for more information

Download Smoothboard Air

Version 1.3.4


Product Comparison

Smoothboard 2, Smoothboard Air and Smoothboard Air with Duo

  • Price
  • Detail
  • Annotation
  • Tablet Access
  • Flip Chart
  • PPT Integration
  • Wii Remote
  • Dual IR Pen
SB 2
  • USD 29.99
  • per license
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • USD 19.99
  • per license
  • X
  • X
Air with Duo
  • USD 49.99
  • per license