Smoothboard 2

Smoothboard Air with Duo Release

We have launched a new software, Smoothboard Air with Duo which is based on the Smoothboard 2 software with the ability to allows annotations directly from an iPad or Android Tablet. It supports multiple simultaneous tablets for callaboration in a classroom or meeting room.

Smoothboard Air with Duo also supports 2 IR Pens for simultaneous interaction with 2 users at the screen.

In summary, Smoothboard Air with Duo allows two users to annotate at the screen with 2 IR pens and also via one or more tablets wirelessly.

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Smoothboard 2.5 Release

Update to Smoothboard 2 which contains a Snapshot Viewer and Editor. Also, the Floating Toolbar will now reappear at the same position and size when the the software is started.

The latest version can be downloaded from the Downloads Page


Smoothboard for Mac Release

Smoothboard for Mac is now available at


 Smoothboard 2 is the Wiimote Whiteboard \ Wii Whiteboard software that allows you to turn any screen surface into an interactive whiteboard easily with just a Wii Remote and an infrared (IR) pen. 



Smoothboard 2 contains a customizable floating toolbar that allows effortless control of your presentations. The built-in annotation feature allows you to write and highlight directly on top of any application or document. You can also create snapshots of the screen automatically with Smoothboard. 

Smoothboard 2 has a built-in Wiimote connect feature, SmoothConnect which allows quick and easy connection of your Wiimote /Wiimotes to the computer.

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Smoothboard 2 is now available in Arabic, Chinese, English ,Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese.


The web-based English version of the Smoothboard 2 User Guide is now available. You can download the PDF version of the Smoothboard 2 User Guide which can be viewed offline or printed.


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Smoothboard Free Trial Download

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Smoothboard Single User License for only USD29.99 



Smoothboard developed by Goh Boon Jin, easily transforms your flat screen display (projected screen or flat panel) into a interactive whiteboard with just a Wii Remote and IR Pen. This software provides an intuitive interface that will enable users to interact with their computer directly at the screen. Smoothboard also allows you to control the computer when you are away the screen with the use of the Wii Remote. With Smoothboard, you will have impressive presentations that can be free from the mouse and keyboard.

For more in-depth information regarding the software and also the general Wiimote Interactive Whiteboards, please visit and

The Smoothboard User Guide can be downloaded and printed if required.


Smoothboard Air with Duo

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Smoothboard 2

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