General Questions


What is Smoothboard Air with Duo?

Smoothboard Air allows connections from one or more mobile devices such as iPads, Android Tablets and laptops.

If you are looking to turn your screen into an interactive whiteboard with the Wii Remote and also mobile devices, you may want to download Smoothboard Air with Duo.

You may get more information at http://www.smoothboard.net/air

What is Smoothboard 2?

Smoothboard is an interactive whiteboard software developed by Goh Boon Jin that uses a Wii Remote/Wiimote and an infrared pen based on Johnny Lee's Wiimote Whiteboard. 

Smoothboard - Wiimote Whiteboard Setup

Smoothboard allows you to transform almost any flat screen surface into an interactive whiteboard with ease. Smoothboard allows you to effortlessly control your presentation and lessons through the unique customizable Floating Toolbar and Outside Screen Toggles. Furthermore with the built-in Annotation Tool, you will certainly have a smooth and impressive presentation!

Please do visit the Smoothboard User Guide page for the complete guide to the Smoothboard software. You can also download the PDF version of the Smoothboard User Guide which can be viewed offline or printed.



What do I need to set up my own interactive whiteboard?

Hardware Requirements

  • A computer with a bluetooth adaptor (Most laptops have built-in bluetooth chipsets).
  • An infrared pen. You can build the pen yourself or get a pre-made one from http://irpensonline.com/
  • At least a single Wiimote.  Smoothboard supports up to two Wiimotes.
  • A flat surface display (projected screen or flat panel)
Software Requirements
Where can I find more information regarding the set up for Wiimote Whiteboard?

Ben Jones has written a thorough wiki which will guide you on connecting the Wii Remote to your computer, obtaining optimum positioning and more. He has also prepared the Smoothboard Manual that details all the features of Smoothboard.

Also, you can download the Smoothboard User Guide for a complete reference for the Smoothboard software and common troubleshooting tips.



Purchasing Questions

What is the difference between the Registered and Unregistered versions?

Unregistered version is only for testing purposes. If you would like to remove the purchasing notification in the Unregistered version, you can purchase a single license from here. Alternatively, you can purchase the Smoothboard Dongle Pack for license portability.

The Registered version will not contain the registration reminder and can be upgraded for free to future releases of Smoothboard 2.x.



Do you offer discounts for a bulk purchase?

We do offer attractive bulk pricing rates for schools and businesses, please do contact us for bulk licensing through our contact form.


What kind of payment method is accepted?

Smoothboard.net uses Paypal for all transactions which allows the use of all major credit cards, debit cards, Paypal accounts and more.

To purchase a license, a Paypal account is not required.

If other payment methods are required, please do contact us via our contact form or email us directly at admin at smoothboard.net

How do I receive the license key?

If your payment for the Smoothboard has been completed and not pending, within a few minutes you will receive a unique license key to your email account which you have used in Paypal.


I have not received my license key.

The payment might not be cleared and is still pending. Smoothboard.net will manually send the license key once the payment has been completed.

If your payment has been completed, please check your email's spam box.

You can contact [email protected] with your details if you still did not get the license key.


I have difficulties activating the software.

Try to download and install the latest version of the software.

Ensure that you are connected to the Internet and there are not firewalls blocking the software from accessing the connection.

If you could not activate online, please send to us the Activation Request Code under the Manual Activation mode for us to process. We will reply to your email the Activation Code in about 1 day.



Can I use the same license key on multiple computers?

For the single user license, each computer will require a unique license key.

If you are looking to install the software on multiple computers in your school or organization, please do contact us for bulk licensing through our contact form


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