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Turn your screen into an interactive whiteboard with just a Wiimote and IR pen

Smoothboard will automatically connect your Wiimotes!

Use your Wiimote as a Wireless Presenter

With two Wiimotes, you can have both the Whiteboard and Presenter modes.

Present your lessons and ideas with Smoothboard's built-in annotation feature.

Snapshots can be saved easily.

Annotate on top of any window with the Pen and Highlighter tool.

Shapes can also be used to enhance your presentation.

Quick access to Annotation tools and control your presentations with the customizable Floating Toolbar and Smart Menu.

Floating Toolbar - Horizontal - Annotation - Shapes

Change slides during your presentation by clicking on the outside screen area.

Outside screen area can be used to scroll long documents and websites.




SmoothConnect quickly learn and connect your Wiimotes automatically while Smoothboard waits silently in the system tray.

Multiple Wiimotes Support - allows the usage of a secondary Wiimote for redundancy

  • Primary Wiimote can be used to focus a specific screen area
  • Activate Whiteboard Mode and Presenter Mode simultaneously

Configurable Screen Area Tracking - calibrate a selected screen area and/or select another display to be used as an interactive whiteboard

Built-in Annotation Feature - write and draw anywhere on any window

  • Pen, Highlighter, Shapes and Eraser/Erase All
  • Easily switch between drawing modes, colors and sizes
  • Backgrounds with Lines or Grid
  • Select Tool for moving and resizing annotations
  • Undo/Redo functionality
  • Snapshot - Automatically save screenshot of whole screen or specific region.

Click and hold trigger

  • Activate Right Click or Smart Menu when IR pen is held down for more than 1 second.

Configurable Floating Toolbar and Smart Menu- Control your Presentations effortlessly

  • Simulate Mouse Click - right click and double click
  • Simulate Key Press - allows multiple key combinations
  • Launch or execute any application/file which has a default viewer

Outside Screen Toggles

  • Usage of the sides of the screen to switch presentation slides and for general navigation
  • Bottom of the screen to toggle right click

IR Calibration

  • Viewable calibration setup to allow easier adjustments for greater tracking utilization
  • Configurable infrared (IR) sensitivity to allow greater range or improved accuracy

Integrated Wiimote Presenter - allows the control of the computer even when away from the screen

  • Cursor Control - with a stationary IR source
  • Key Press - using mapped Wiimote buttons
  • Timers - tool to keep track of timings
  • Laser Pointer Cursor

Cursor Smoothing - reduces jagged lines when drawing in Whiteboard Mode and Presenter Mode

And More!


For a complete guide to Smoothboard, you can download the Smoothboard User Guide.

Download the Smoothboard 2.0 Updates document for tips and guides for Smoothboard 2.0 in comparison with the previous versions.


SmoothConnect Screenshot

Easily learn and connect your Wiimotes without clicking a button on the software.  If you are using the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack, SmoothConnect will be loaded and can be hidden in the system tray.

When you are ready to connect the Wiimote/Wiimotes, just press on the 1 and 2 Buttons on the Wiimotes simultaneously.  SmoothConnect will automatically initiate the connections and launch Smoothboard when the required number of Wiimotes are connected. 


Floating Toolbar

 Floating Toolbar - Annotation

Built-in annotation feature provides instant access to drawing tools for your to write and draw directly on top of any window. The Snapshot button allows you to easily save the whole screenshot for later review. 

Floating Toolbar - PowerPoint

PowerPoint settings which allows you to quickly start your slideshow, change slides, change to highlighter, pen mode or erase all.


Smart Menu

Smart Menu - Annotation - ColorsSmart Menu - Annotation - Screen Tools

Smart Menu can be triggered by clicking and holding the IR pen at a point on the screen for about 1 second. Smart Menu gives you access to all the functions provided by the Floating Toolbar and also the ability to Middle Click Scroll and Right Click.

Main Window

Smoothboard's Main Window

Settings - Whiteboard Calibration

Smoothboard Calibration for Two Wiimotes




Smoothboard Air with Duo

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with 2 IR Pens!

Smoothboard 2

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