Smoothboard Air with Duo has the Wiimote Whiteboard features of the Smoothboard 2 software in addition to the powerful multi-device accessibility of Smoothboard Air.

Wiimote Whiteboard

Turn any flat screen surface into an interactive whiteboard

All you need is a Wii Remote and IR Pen

Smoothboard - Wiimote Whiteboard Setup


Smoothboard Air with Duo allows you to use 2 IR Pens simultaneously for collaboration at the screen surface.

Seamless Integration

Annotations may be made at the screen with an IR Pen and via multiple tablets at the same time.

This allows unprecedented interactions in classrooms and meeting rooms

 Download Smoothboard Air with Duo

Version 1.3.4

Minimum Requirements

For mobile device access

  • HTML5 web browser on mobile device such as the Apple iPad, Android Tablets and Windows 7 Tablets.

For Wiimote Whiteboard

  • At least a single Wii Remote (up to two Wii Remotes). Smoothboard Air with Duo supports the new Wii Remote Plus (RVL-CNT-01-TR requires the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack).
  • Bluetooth Adapter (most laptops have built-in Bluetooth)
  • An infrared pen (IR Pen). You may get a pre-made one from our resellers
  • A flat surface display (projected screen or flat panel)


Smoothboard Air with Duo Single Computer License (Windows)

  • The Registered version will not contain the registration reminder.
  • Get your license key in your email account immediately after payment.
  • Note: No Refunds. Do test the Free Unregistered version before purchasing the license.
Purchase a single computer license for only US$49.99.
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The license key will be sent to your email account immediately after a completed payment.
If the email is not received, there is a possibility that it is in the spam folder. You may contact us via our contact form for any inquiries.

The Smoothboard Air with Duo license key is not compatible with the Smoothboard 2 software or the Smoothboard Air software.


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